Berminal Crypto Psychic A Bitcoin Price Prediction Game

Berminal Crypto Psychic: A Bitcoin Price Prediction Game

Berminal want to bring back some of the fun and upside to predicting the daily price fluctuations in bitcoin. To do so, we’re rolling out a game called Crypto Psychic, where you can win tokens each day for predicting bitcoin price more accurately than your competition.


You can sign up to play on or in the Berminal app

The rules are easy to understand, it’s simple to play, and you don’t need to nail the price perfectly to win some coin (BERM for now, ETH down the line).

Here is how it works:

1.     8:00 PM EST (Night before contest): The prediction window opens. Starting at 8:00 pm EST each night, you may submit the price you predict bitcoin will settle as of 8:00 pm EST the following night.

2.   12:00 PM EST (Noon EST, day of contest): The prediction window closes at 12:00 Noon EST on the day of the contest. No new predictions can be submitted and the winning bitcoin price is finalized 8 hours later. You can monitor your performance during the game through the Crypto Psychic interface, where we tell you your percentile rank. If it says your Real-Time Rank is 10%, that means you’re beating 90% of the field.

       3.   8:00 PM EST (Day of contest): The day’s contest ends and winners are paid. Just finish among the top 50% of most accurate predictions to win an              equal share of the prizepool. Win or lose, the prediction window opens simultaneously so you can get right back in the game for the next day.



4. Repeat! Crypto Psychic is available every day.



Game Rules

Predict tomorrow's BTC price and win BERM! Submission window opens at 8pm EST and closes at 12:00 PM EST the next day. The top 50% of participants win BERM each day.